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In the Men's Fit Model division,

judges are looking for a lean, fit, muscular physique that is balanced and aesthetically pleasing. Athletes should be groomed properly, possess a small waist, and have a good V- taper from the shoulders to the obliques.

Judges are not looking for the level of muscle mass or extreme leanness that are necessary for success in Men’s Physique or bodybuilding.

Men's Fit Model divisions are height based and split according to athlete numbers keeping events competitive but fair.


Competition Attire

Men’s Fit Model athletes should wear a pair of long denim jeans. The jeans can be of any colour, with/without patterns, but a pair of plain light or medium washed jeans is preferred. The length of jeans should cover the ankle. Low waist jeans are not allowed, the pair of jeans should sit right above your hip, and no lower than 3 inches below the navel, showing of underwear is also not allowed. Skinny jeans are NOT ALLOWED, athletes can wear slim cut or straight cut jeans. Overly tight or ripped jeans that reveal too much skin will be marked down.


Athletes are judged in two (2) rounds, please scroll below for more details.




A Junior athlete will be younger than 23 years old and 364 days (24yo under) on the day of the competition. Athletes who are 24 years old or older on the day of the competition are not eligible to compete in the junior class. (Malaysia only)

Novice competitors are either first time competitors or someone who has competed and has not placed top three in an OPEN class. If you win a Novice class, you are then required to compete in an Open division. Athletes who have won a regional, national title, or competed internationally as a teen, junior, or masters competitor are not eligible to be considered a novice.


(This will not qualify for a Pro Card)

This class is split into 3 based on the athlete's height.

The height classes are as follows:


Above classes may be split based on the athlete's height into different classes. The height classes might be as follows;

163CM-, 170CM-, 177CM-, 177CM+


The height/weight class numbers are displayed for reference purposes, we will change/adjust according to the average height/weight of the competitors who have signed up.


*smaller divisions like teens, juniors, masters, might have fewer classes as the number of contestants are fewer.


Men's Fit Model is suitable for competitors who appear trained and athletic, but without muscular detail, separation and vascularity and whose level of muscle size is lower than those which would be rewarded in the Men's physique disciplines.

The two rounds judged are:

  1. Fitness & Balance -
    Round shoulders, defined abs, soft lines in legs, and tight glutes
    Over lean, muscular, or hard or vascular physiques will be scored down

  2. Physical Appearance/ Stage Walk -
    The overall appearance of the athlete. Stage presentation, suit choice, tanning, hair, makeup, etc. is encompassed in this round.

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