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About Membership

All Malaysia based residents, and Malaysia citizens (including those who reside outside the Malaysia) are eligible to apply for a WNBF MY membership. Memberships cost RM300 and last from the date of your first competition to the end of that calendar year.


What is the membership fee for?

Your membership and entry fee pays for the WNBF MY to run events and for the drug testing of athletes at events. We pride ourselves on providing an official drug testing program to keep the sport clean. Each drug test costs the WNBF MY USD 140 to perform and your membership contribution ensures we are able to fulfil this at all of our events.

The WNBF MY has a code of conduct for its members and common decency policy. This code is inplace to foster an atmosphere of respect amongst all it’s members. Failure to adhere to this policy may result in suspension from the WNBF MY. Any athlete (past or present) who promotes the WNBF MY either in person or as part of their online presence is subject to the WNBF MY rules. The WNBF MY reserves the right to decline membership to any individual and without the right to appeal. WNBF pros should refer to the WNBF's rules and guidance on pro membership.

Membership Terms & Conditions
Please MAKE SURE you have read and agreed all of the below terms and conditions before submitting.

Membership Terms & Conditions


A membership must be purchased prior to competing.

Membership and Entry fees are strictly non-refundable.

Proof of age is required at the time of registration for age restricted classes.

If you make a mistake on your form or need to change your information, contact us directly as soon as possible.
If an extra payment is made and a refund is required, a 5% charge will be imposed by PayPal, which will be deducted from the refund amount. Please note that refunds will be given in cash on the competition day. We kindly ask you to ensure the accuracy of your payment to avoid any unnecessary charges.

Please be advised that the membership fees do not cover charges for additional services such as tanning, polygraph testing, makeup, or any other supplementary services.

WNBF MY Code of Conduct and Common Decency


All rules apply to members in person and online

  • Members should aim to excel in their chosen discipline and inspire those around them.

  • Members should act with common decency, good faith, honesty and integrity.

  • Members should respect the culture and all officials/associates of the WNBF MY.

  • Members of the WNBF MY must be natural athletes.

  • Members should be compliant with the WNBF MY anti-doping rules.

  • Members should report any violations of the WNBF MY anti-doping rules by WNBF MY members to the drug control officer.

  • Members accept that by standing on the WNBF MY stage they are asking to be judged by a panel of their peers.

  • Members are responsible for ensuring their own physical fitness and health before participating in any activities or competitions. WNBF MY is not liable for any injuries or health issues that may arise during any events.

  • All members of WNBF MY are required to comply with both in season and out of season random drug testing with proper notification from WNBF MY. Failure to participate testing by either polygraph, or biological sampling (urinalysis/blood/hair sampling) without valid reasons will be treated as a drug test failure and will result in membership termination.
    Drug test results, whether passed or failed, will be publicly announced by WNBF MY. 
    For members who pass the random off-season drug test, WNBF MY will reimburse the cost incurred. However, members who fail the test will not be eligible for a refund of the paid amount.
    The cost of the urine test on the competition day is included, and no additional payment is required regardless of the test result

  • Members should give consent for their images, videos, and competition results to be used by WNBF MY for promotional and media purposes.

  • To ensure fairness of the competition, all participants can only use the tanning service provided by the organizer, WNBF MY. The use of any external tanning products or services is strictly prohibited during the competition.

  • Overseas participants are required to obtain a membership from their resident country's WNBF chapter and provide proof of payment/membership details. Please refrain from making membership fee payments to WNBF MY if you are not a resident of MALAYSIA. In the event of an erroneous payment and a refund request, a 5% charge imposed by PayPal will be deducted from the refunded amount.

  • Member should give consent to be revealed and posted (full legal name, photos and/or videos) on official WNBF MY social media accounts & WNBF MY "WALL OF SHAME", if failed to pass any of the test (polygraph, urine test, etc.)

  • WNBF MY reserves the right to discipline or disqualify members who violate the Terms & Conditions or Code of Conduct, including but not limited to acts of misconduct, cheating, doping, or any behaviour that brings the WNBF MY into disrepute.

  • WNBF MY reserves the right to amend the Terms & Conditions at any time. Members must accept the updated terms to maintain membership.

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