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Polygraph & Drug Testing

Polygraph & Drug testing is the essence of natural bodybuilding and has always been a top priority for the INBF/WNBF during its 32 year history.

The backbone of our reputation is our strict adherence to the WNBF drug testing rules. Athletes deserve the chance to compete in clean sport and bodybuilding is no exception. The use of performance and image enhancing drugs are strictly prohibited. We also endorse the WADA code, all athletes must adhere to the prohibited substances and methods list. Athletes are also subject to random testing. All INBF/WNBF athletes must be 10 years drug free of prescription/pharmaceutical hormones on the prohibited substance list.



The WNBF MY adheres to the rules and guidance set out by the World Anti-Doping Agency and the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation. In and out of competition guidelines are based on the WADA Code. Athletes who compete in WNBF MY events should be natural bodybuilders. Any athlete who has previously taken performance and image enhancing drugs (PIEDs) should have abstained from their use for a minimum of 10 years, prior to taking part in a WNBF MY event.


Members should be mindful that some supplements may contain prohibited substances. Not all supplements are made with natural bodybuilders in mind. Athletes are responsible for any supplements/substances consumed. If you are unsure about the classification of any substances/compounds present in a supplement please consult the WADA code, reference against GLOBAL DRO, or contact the MY Anti-Doping Agency. Do not take any supplements or substances from a coach or friend, without first ensuring it is safe to do so. Ignorance is not considered a viable excuse under the WADA code.


All members are subject to both in season and out of season testing. Non-active members are subject to out-of -season testing for 2 years from the date of joining the WNBF MY. Athletes must make themselves available for out-of-seasoning testing when requested. Athletes will submit to testing at an agreed upon location within 20 miles of the athlete’s residence/gymnasium. Failure to submit to out-of-season testing by either polygraph, or biological sampling (urinalysis/blood/hair sampling), will be treated as a drug test failure.


Any athletes who fail to pass a polygraph test will be suspended from WNBF events until they can subsequently pass a polygraph examination at a time and place specified by the event promoter.
Any athlete who fails the biological drug test will be suspended from the WNBF MY.
Athletes who refuse to make themselves available for drug testing either in season or out of season by polygraph or biological sampling will be suspended from the WNBF MY.

WNBF MY will bear the cost of the test for members who pass, while members who fail will be responsible for covering the cost.



If you are currently using any medication which means you are in violation of the WADA code (insulin for example), you must contact the WNBF MY and apply for a TUE. If applying for a TUE you must provide a doctor’s note as evidence of the medications therapeutic use. All TUEs are dealt with on a case-by-case basis and whenever possible aims to take a common-sense approach to TUEs. Failure to apply for a TUE may result in a violation of the WNBF MY rules.


Members found to be trafficking, and/or prescribing PIEDs will be suspended from the WNBF MY. Any member found to be using PIEDS who is suspended will be considered a banned associate hereafter, any coaches working with athletes who are subsequently suspended will also be considered banned associates. WNBF MY Members should not work with banned associates.


WNBF Professionals should adhere to and reference the WNBF website for all official rules in relation to professional status.

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